Is Firewall Setup for a Small Business Worth It?

Are you considering the pros and cons of a firewall setup for a small business? There is a common misconception that firewalls are advanced cybersecurity solutions that are only used by the big-name companies. In reality, your small business is much more likely to fall prey to a cyber attack. Thus, a firewall is a necessary aspect of your IT infrastructure.

This blog will further elaborate on the functions of a firewall, and you will learn what makes it worth it for your business.

What Does Firewall Setup Achieve?

Firewall setup technicians create a system that monitors all the traffic on your business network and allows only authorized access. Simply put, it only lets trusted people and devices use your business network, and it keeps an eye on them while they do so.

Firewalls are an essential part of business cybersecurity. They ensure that the only people who have access to your essential business data and processes are the ones you have already verified. Hackers and data thieves cannot enter and leave your business network as they please.

Do Small Businesses Need Firewall Setup?

After learning about firewalls and advanced cybersecurity measures, you may wonder if your small business even needs them. After all, you are just a startup company with very basic customer data. What would a hacker even gain from breaking into your network?

This is the exact thought process that malicious hackers exploit. After all, think about it from the thief’s point of view. They can try to hack one large business, which probably has more data security and more risks of being caught. Or, the hacker could spend this same time and energy breaking into the files of a hundred small businesses. These businesses all have poor security, and the total data accumulated will be more than enough for unethical purposes.

Don’t let your businesses become a sitting duck. Even if you think your company is too small and undetectable, data hackers keep lists of current small businesses as targets for their crimes. A firewall will safeguard your data and let people know that it’s not beneficial to try hacking into your network.

Benefits of Firewall Setup for a Small Business

If you get a firewall setup for your small businesses along with your managed IT services, you will receive the following benefits.

  • The very presence of a firewall discourages data leak attempts. Anyone who views your network will know they are being monitored, and this reduces their chances of trying anything unauthorized.
  • A firewall protects the private data of you and your clients.
  • A firewall setup for a small business can help you achieve regulatory compliance in your industry.
  • The firewall prevents your competitors from finding your confidential business information.
  • It protects your employees and their devices from cyber attacks.
  • IT in DFW will set up, manage, and monitor your firewall in the long run. We’ll also upgrade it regularly to maintain the highest security standards.
  • The firewall keeps you stress-free and allows you to focus on your main business goals.
  • Customers are more likely to trust a business with better network security. They will know that their sensitive data is in good hands.

Considering a Firewall Setup for Your Small Business? Get in Touch with IT in DFW!

IT in DFW is a reliable managed IT and cyber security services provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our experienced network security technicians know all about firewall specifications. We also operate locally, so we’ll clearly understand the cybersecurity needs of your business. Therefore, our team will set up the most beneficial firewall for your network and manage it 24/7. We’ll troubleshoot issues when they arise and keep you updated on the latest cybersecurity technology. 

So, why wait? Every second you postpone the firewall setup for a small business is a second where data hackers could find you. Get in touch with IT in DFW today. We will safeguard your small business.

Is Firewall Setup for a Small Business Worth It?


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