4 Ways HIPAA Compliance Services Providers Help DFW Businesses

Does your small business need to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act? It’s best to get in touch with HIPAA compliance services providers and ensure you meet all the standards set by the Office for Civil Rights. Doing this observance will safeguard your patient information and establish your health business as a trusted organization.

A HIPAA compliance services provider will help your DFW business in a plethora of ways. From network security to data backup, they’re ready to provide you with everything you need for the utmost safety. Keep reading to learn more about HIPAA compliance and how service provides can help you reach it.

What is HIPAA Compliance? 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act applies to all businesses that deal with private patient data. This act dictates that you keep this data secure from hackers and recoverable after a disaster. 

If your DFW business is dealing with patient data, HIPAA compliance is mandatory for you. Violating these regulations can incur huge fines and punitive action. 

You can meet these guidelines by having good physical and network security around your private patient information. This includes network monitoring, passwords, and hierarchical access to business data. So, you can enlist the help of HIPAA compliance services providers. They will help your organization meet data security goals.

4 Ways HIPAA Compliance Services Providers can Help You 

  • Firewall

The most essential aspect of HIPAA compliance is data security. A firewall can greatly improve your data protection by securing your business network.

HIPAA Compliance providers will install and maintain an efficient firewall for your DFW small business. The expert team at IT in DFW is familiar with the best firewall practices, and we’ll guide you to the ideal options for your company.

Firewalls also need to be regularly updated. This ensures they’re always providing their safest and best performance. So, our IT team will take on this role. We’ll promptly upgrade your firewall to the best available version whenever there is a new one.

  • Additional Network Security

Apart from firewalls, IT in DFW also adds alternate network security measures to keep your patient data safe from all sides.

Our efficient VPN services will safeguard information about your business device location and identity. This provides greater security from hackers trying to pinpoint your business devices. Thus, your private patient data is more secure.

A HIPAA compliance services provider also follows practices like sandboxing that  keep your network and devices highly secure and quarantined. 

  • Cloud Backup

Data backup is an essential part of HIPAA compliance. The regulation requires that you keep a constant backup of all private patient data collected by your business. This prevents data loss and endures that your patients can retrieve their data at any time.

HIPAA compliance providers like IT in DFW will help you upgrade your business to the cloud. Your bulk data and important business processes will be stored on a secure server.

  • Disaster Recovery

Preventing data loss is an important step to take. However, following HIPAA also requires you to prepare for the worst case scenario. 

Suppose there was an unavoidable accident and you lost patient data. In this case, IT in DFW can employ data recovery measures to get this information back. We’ll search through metadata on your devices and identify the important files before they are re-written and lost forever.

So, being prepared for future disasters will help you qualify for HIPAA compliance in DFW.

IT in DFW is One of the Most Trusted HIPAA Compliance Services Providers

With more than a decade of experience in the cybersecurity field, IT in DFW is ready to tackle the challenge of HIPAA compliance. We’ll help your business reach the highest standards set by the law, and we’ll regularly upgrade your systems to ensure you keep meeting the standards in the future. So, if you’re searching for HIPAA compliance services providers in DFW, look no further. Get in touch with our experienced team today. 

4 Ways HIPAA Compliance Services Providers Help DFW Businesses


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